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odd one, you're never alone

I'm here and I will reflect you

29 July
both of us basically unattached to anything or anyone unless we're pretending
you live your life in your head; some call it imagination
I'd rather focus instead on anything except what I'm feeling

______________________________________hey, it's gonna be okay
__________________________________________hey, we're gonna laugh at this one day

female ₓ 27 years old ₓ lesbian ₓ in a committed relationship (♥ my panda)
__________I am curious, sarcastic, morbid, stubborn, easily amused, immature, solitary, thoughtful, romantic, spiritual, creative and almost impossibly lazy. Stupidity and ignorance make me rabid, as does animal cruelty. I adore goats, bats, maned wolves, foxes, zebras and giraffes. My favorite season is summer. I prefer being hot to cold because being cold makes my body try to shut down and hibernate. I obsess over some of the weirdest things. I role play and I write pornography. I take pictures of random things in an attempt to be creative and deep but it usually fails. Did I mention I'm sarcastic?

Where else am I?
tumblr (probably nsfw) ₓ deviantArtwe♥itArchive of Our OwnDailyBooth

alice/jasper, alucard, alucard/integra, american horror story, angels, anime, anubis, arm warmers, art, asian ball-jointed dolls, astrology, baking, balthazar, basilisks, bats, blindfolds, blood, bones, booth/brennan, cake, carnations, castiel, cats, chocolate-covered strawberries, coloring, corsets, cosplay, cupcakes, cyborgs, d/leon, demons, destiel, dogs, dollhouse, dracula, driving, eden eternal, egyptian mythology, eliza dushku, eric balfour, eureka, eyeliner, family guy, fangs, feathers, firefly, foxes, full metal panic!, gaara, ghost hunters, ghosts, glee, glitter, goats, gothic crosses, grand fantasia, hair dye, harry potter, harry/draco, haven, heimdall, hellraiser, hellsing, heroes, horror movies, house, house/wilson, jack/elizabeth, jekyll, johnny depp, keys, kirk/spock, lady gaga, last.fm, leg warmers, lilies, lycanthropes, magic, making graphics, making icons, maned wolves, maneki nekos, manga, michael/lucifer, misha collins, mulder/scully, music, nagas, nathan/audrey, norse mythology, okami, olivia wilde, peter/sylar, photography, piercings, pinhead, pirates of the caribbean, plushies, pottermore, pretty nails, psyche, psychology, pyramid head, role playing, roses, scrabble, shadow hearts, sherlock, sherlock/john, shoes, sidhe, skirts, slash, snakes, south park, space husbands, spiked collars, spirk, star trek, starbucks, stargazing, subeta, supernatural, tattoos, the jackal, the moon, the vampire diaries, tina fey, trashy romance novels, tumblr, vampires, vassalord, video games, warehouse 13, weheartit, wincest, wings, witch hunter robin, wolf's rain, writing, x-files, yaoi, zachary quinto, zebras, zombies